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Top tips to avoid dehydration this summer

by Katie Chambers, on 30 August 2016, Food & Drink Health Benefits, Summer Health

Many of us don’t drink enough water at the best of times, but over summer as the temperature climbs, dehydration becomes more common. Today I explore why dehydration occurs most in the summer, and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Why is dehydration a problem over summer?

Warmer summer weather can bring with it a number of health problems – from swollen feet to sunburn and insect bites. One of the most common conditions in summer is dehydration, yet this is also one of the easiest to prevent.

Dehydration occurs when your body doesn’t have enough water. The most common reason is simply not drinking enough water, but summer presents some extra factors that increase your chances of becoming dehydrated. Continue reading >

A.Vogel Swiss Trip 2016: A once in a lifetime experience!

by Annmarie, on 28 June 2016, Alfred Vogel, Herbal Remedies

When I first joined A.Vogel UK a few years ago I quickly became obsessed by the fascinating life of the man behind our brand – the founder of Bioforce, Alfred Vogel.

I would soak up every little story about him, especially from people who actually met him. I would turn to his book, The Nature Doctor for guidance and inspiration, and even today I still say good morning to the commemorative statue of him that greets you as you enter our office building.

The same statues can also be found at the entrance of Bioforce AG in Roggwil and at his former clinic in Teufen, in Switzerland. Continue reading >

7 simple nutrition tips to help you survive the hayfever season

by Alison, on 24 May 2016, Hayfever

If you spend your summer sneezing and sniffling and avoiding the outdoors for fear of that dreaded pollen in the air, then it’s time to look at your diet!

Making simple dietary changes, such as cutting down those foods that encourage mucus production whilst eating more that have natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties, can make a big difference when trying to get your hayfever symptoms under control this sneezing season. Continue reading >

Water! How much do we really need?

by Annmarie, on 29 December 2015, Food & Drink Health Benefits

We are constantly being told to drink more water to stay healthy, but how much do you really need to drink and why?

The importance of water

Roughly 70 percent of an adult’s body is made up of water and all the major systems in your body depend on water, including your brain, lungs, blood, skin and muscles. It helps to convert food into energy and helps the body to absorb essential nutrients, so it’s no wonder a person cannot survive more than a few days without it. Continue reading >

Your contact lenses may be causing your dry eyes

by Toni Lennox, on 23 December 2015, Eye health, Eyes

Nearly 4 million people in the UK wear contact lenses, enjoying the benefits of clearer vision without having to wear frames.

However, more and more people experience irritated, dry eyes when wearing contact lenses which can be quite painful. Learn why contacts can dry eyes out and what natural remedies there are for you.
Continue reading >