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How healthy is your tongue?

by Rachel, on 1 September 2015, Bodycare, Dental Care
healthy tongue.fw

When the doctor or nurse asks you to stick out your tongue and say ‘Aaaah’, it’s not just a ploy to make you look a bit daft. One of the main things they are looking at is your tongue, as it holds many secrets to your overall health and wellbeing, with changes in colour, size and surface texture all holding clues to different conditions. Continue reading >

Bad breath in the morning?

by Toni Lennox, on 24 August 2015, Beauty, Dental Care

Although waking up with bad breath is fairly common it’s still not the best way to start the day.

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, happens for a number of reasons, but why do we experience bad breath when all we have been doing is sleeping? Here are a few reasons why you could be experiencing bad breath in the morning. Continue reading >

10 tips for a winning smile

by Annmarie, on 29 May 2015, Beauty, Dental Care
Having some fun in the sun

Marilyn Monroe once said, ‘a smile is a girl’s best make-up‘ but when she said that, I’m sure she wasn’t referring to those with bleeding gums, missing teeth or bad breath!

Smiling not only helps to make us look more attractive and approachable, studies also suggest that it can have a positive effect on your mood, help decrease stress and anxiety levels and even strengthen your immune system – so there are lots of reasons to smile more.

As it’s National Smile Month (May 18 – June 18, 2015), I thought this month was a good time to look at natural ways of achieving that winning smile by keeping your pearly whites gleaming and improving your oral health. Continue reading >