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Why water is so good for you

by Toni Lennox, on 29 August 2015, Beauty, Digestion, Detox, Bloating

Water really is quite amazing! Although most of us do take a fresh water supply for granted it is always good to keep in mind how much water actually does for us.

It is fresh, free from your own tap, and may help sort out a lot of ailments you are experiencing.

Here’s a quick guide to how effective water is in prevention and healing.

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Whey to Go! New Molkosan Fruit for Digestion

by Annmarie, on 28 May 2014, Digestion, Detox, Bloating

It’s here, it’s new, it’s tasty and very good for you – it’s Molkosan® Fruit, our new whey drink for digestion, offering a delicious way to get a good gut feeling.

Molkosan® Fruit puts a juicy new twist on an old favourite, enhancing the original formula of Molkosan® with a fresh fruity taste, thanks to the juices of aronia berry and the ever popular pomegranate, with stevia for extra sweetness. Continue reading >

Wish you didn’t feel like a pig?

by Alison, on 9 May 2014, Digestion, Detox, Bloating

How is it that sometimes the cake stand and the chocolate box beckon so alluringly, when we know full well that we should be looking in any direction but theirs?

How come we sometimes don’t seem to be in control of our minds when it’s a question of cake versus cabbage?

Why does it feel as if our innards are actually in the driving seat, over-riding our virtuous intentions and salad-orientated gestures? Continue reading >

The Reflections of a Detox Newbie

by Annmarie, on 20 January 2014, Digestion, Detox, Bloating, Healthy Eating
North Ayrshire-20140114-01416

My 14 day detox came to an end yesterday and I am very proud to say that I did it. I didn’t succumb to cravings or temptations and I stuck to it for the whole fortnight – I promise!

At the start I was apprehensive about doing a detox for the first time. I had it in my head that it would be a punishing regime whereby I could only eat salads and celery sticks and I would end up hungry and desperately longing for my usual diet. My experience was, I am happy to say, the complete opposite! Continue reading >

Confessions of a Detox Newbie

by Annmarie, on 2 January 2014, Digestion, Detox, Bloating

So it’s nearly time for me to start my first ever detox and I can honestly say the prospect, as is the case for most people, is a little daunting. But as our Nutritional Therapist and Education Manager Ali says , detox ‘does not have to be either unpleasant or unrewarding’ – so here’s what I’m letting myself in for… Continue reading >