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International Animal Rights Day

by Lyndsay, on 9 December 2013, Alfred Vogel, Environment

Today is International Animal Rights Day; a day to remind Mankind that every living creature should be treated with kindness and respect. Unfortunately, animal cruelty still exists in many forms throughout the world. Whether it be through violence, over-working, testing or neglect, animal cruelty of any manner should not be tolerated.

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Update from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

by Anthony, on 11 July 2013, Environment

We asked Anthony McCluskey, Outreach Officer for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to let us know how things have been going so far this summer. Very busy judging by his response:

Once again, June has proved to be an enormously busy month for myself and other BBCT staff. It’s when most of the major events are on, all within a short space of time. I went to Gardening Scotland and Gardeners’ World Live – both excellent shows that put us in touch with some of the people who can do most to help bumblebees. Gardens cover about 1 million hectares of land in the UK; imagine how many flowers, nesting sites and hibernation spaces that that could provide for our bumblebees! Continue reading >

How green is A.Vogel?

by Rachel, on 27 June 2013, Environment

Hello! My name is Rachel, and I have joined the A.Vogel team as an intern for my summer holiday. I am here primarily to write articles for the website, but I thought it would be interesting to note down some of my experiences and what I am learning about the company in a blog…

It may come as no surprise that A.Vogel is a very ‘green’ company. The logo, the herbal products, even the plants in their offices – these are not subtle indications of the greenness that this company oozes. Yet since I started working here as an intern three weeks ago, I have found a dimension to A.Vogel’s greenness that is perhaps underestimated – that is their environmentally friendly greenness. Continue reading >