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Don’t let your feet burn in the sun!

by Annmarie, on 30 August 2015, Bodycare, Foot care
Sunburnt Feet_BlogImage

When the sun is shining it’s easy to forget to protect your skin in the excitement of those warming rays finally making an appearance.

And even if you do remember to layer on the sun protection, there is one area of the body which can often be missed…your feet! Continue reading >

How to get rid of smelly feet quickly

by Annmarie, on 21 August 2015, Bodycare, Foot care

If you bend down and catch a pungent whiff from your tootsies or you’re too afraid to take off your shoes in company, then it’s time to get your foot odour under control!

Sweaty, smelly and sticky! Not a very pleasant or comfortable combination but one which is recognisable for those who suffer from smelly feet. Continue reading >