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7 simple nutrition tips to help you survive the hayfever season

by Alison, on 24 May 2016, Hayfever

If you spend your summer sneezing and sniffling and avoiding the outdoors for fear of that dreaded pollen in the air, then it’s time to look at your diet!

Making simple dietary changes, such as cutting down those foods that encourage mucus production whilst eating more that have natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties, can make a big difference when trying to get your hayfever symptoms under control this sneezing season. Continue reading >

Hayfever and Children: what to know & how to treat it

by Annmarie, on 19 August 2015, Hayfever

Is your child constantly rubbing their eyes? Sneezing, especially when outside? Is their nose runny or blocked? And have you noticed if any of these seem to be worse on sunny days? Then it could be hayfever!

For a child, hayfever symptoms can be both upsetting and unsettling, especially if they can’t explain how they feel (which is common in very young children), or if the symptoms are disrupting their sleep at night and concentration during the day. Continue reading >

Exercising with Hayfever

by Alison, on 12 August 2015, Hayfever

Itchy eyes while out running? Hayfever symptoms feeling worse after you have been to the gym? Is sneezing affecting your game?

Hayfever and allergic rhinitis can wreak havoc on a workout schedule and according to our recent poll it has stopped a third of sufferers enjoying outdoor sports or activities.

From disrupting breathing and affecting your cardiovascular performance due to nasal congestion to hindering your concentration and sapping your energy, hayfever symptoms can destroy a good workout! Continue reading >

Is hayfever affecting your sleep?

by Annmarie, on 29 July 2015, Hayfever

For hayfever sufferers, the summer months are often plagued by pollen, with sunny days spent dreading heading outside or hiding indoors, so once the sun goes down surely suffers can finally get some peace?!

Unfortunately for many, hayfever symptoms can actually worsen before bedtime and affect sufferers while they sleep. A recent poll by Boots of 2,080 hayfever sufferers, found that 64% had trouble sleeping due to their symptoms and an average of 72 minutes of sleep is lost each night when pollen levels are high. Continue reading >

Keeping it clean – how to stay fresh without making your hayfever worse

by Alison, on 10 July 2015, Hayfever

One of the problems you’ll probably have noticed when hayfever has you by the nose, is that you seem to become far more sensitive to everything. Your skin is more likely to throw up rashes, your stomach may feel more sensitive, and smells such as scent or aftershave may seem stronger or just different.

One of the reasons for this is that hayfever reactions involve inflammation; you are full of inflammatory compounds such as histamine, and this causes the swelling, redness and itching you know so well. Histamine also mediates some aspects of gut function too, so it is no wonder your digestive system feels a little out of kilter when histamine is rampaging around your body. Continue reading >