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The importance of getting your prostate symptoms checked

by Dr. Jen Tan, on 28 October 2015, BPH / Enlarged Prostate, Men's health

When it comes to getting symptoms of an enlarged prostate checked, how long can we really put off that trip to the doctor’s surgery? We men can be rather tardy about trips to the doctor’s, and no more so than when the problem is perceived to be sensitive or embarrassing in nature.

However, when we are desperate to get to the end of a meeting, not just so that we can get home to watch the football but because of a need to make a hasty dash to the toilet, perhaps it is time to reluctantly make an appointment with the doctor.

Understanding exactly what is at the root of your weak urine flow, frequent urination and night-time disturbances is the first vital step in finding an effective treatment. Continue reading >

Is constipation affecting your prostate?

by Dr. Jen Tan, on 28 September 2015, BPH / Enlarged Prostate, Constipation, Men's health
bph constipation.fw

You are sitting on the toilet… the clock is ticking the seconds away… you are waiting patiently for the magic to happen… you are waiting… still waiting… and for once it is not your bladder that is refusing to divulge its contents, but your bowel. Constipation and prostate problems may seem like two unrelated conditions, but in fact, they are more connected than they initially seem. Continue reading >

Is BPH costing you sleep?

by Dr. Jen Tan, on 25 August 2015, BPH / Enlarged Prostate, Men's health, Stress & Sleep
BPH sleep.fw

When we think of symptoms of an enlarged prostate (BPH), we tend to be most concerned with the need to urinate more frequently, and reduced stream. However, the problem can also affect our sleeping pattern, leaving us sapped of energy during the day. As well as tips to help reduce night-time urination, or nocturia, there are several techniques you can try to help you fall back to sleep more quickly. Continue reading >

The best drink for your enlarged prostate!

by Dr. Jen Tan, on 15 June 2015, BPH / Enlarged Prostate, Men's health

Over the last few blog posts we’ve been looking at what to eat to help your enlarged prostate: now our attention is turning to what you are drinking. We’ve heard it all before – avoid caffeine and alcohol and drink plenty of water instead…but now we’ve found a drink that’s even better, and one which studies have shown not only to relieve the effects of BPH but also to delay the symptoms.

Continue reading >

Worst foods for an enlarged prostate

by Dr. Jen Tan, on 23 February 2015, BPH / Enlarged Prostate, Men's health
Egg Characters

What you eat can have a big influence on the health of your prostate. While some foods can help reduce the risk of developing an enlarged prostate (BPH), as well as lessen the severity of the symptoms, there are others which can actually aggravate your symptoms.

The more inflammation present in your body generally, the more likely you are to have inflammation in the prostate, so avoiding or limiting certain foods which trigger an inflammatory response is a good place to start, as well as staying clear of food and drinks which irritate the bladder and cause frequent urination. Continue reading >