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Autumn Seasoning with Herbamare

by Irene, on 21 November 2013, Recipe
Chard veg

I love autumn with its changing colours and abundance of fruit, berries and vegetables ready for the picking.  Thanks to my other half who recently built a couple of raised beds in my back garden, I now have access to home-grown vegetables such as beetroot, carrots, leeks and a variety of herbs such sage and lemon verbena. Continue reading >

Fast food is good for you

by Rachel, on 18 July 2013, Digestion, Detox, Bloating, Health, Recipe

It’s fatty; it’s greasy; it’s processed; it’s packed with chemicals; it’s artery clogging. Yes, fast food does seem to get bad press. We’ve heard it all before and we’re bored of it, because whatever you are told about your meat not actually being meat, and bugs and spiders crawling in every meal, the undeniable fact is that we still crave fast food. And we still eat it.

But I don’t see a problem with that. Continue reading >

Cooking with Herbamare

by Nikki, on 29 May 2012, Recipe

This stir-fry dish is a bowl full of colour, flavour and fun with a mixture of fresh veggies and vibrant seasonings like Herbamare® Original. I hope you enjoy my (home) video and give this recipe a try. Continue reading >