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Bad News for Dieters

by Alison, on 6 February 2013, Digestion, Detox, Bloating, Health, Weight Control
A Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake With Hot Chocolate In The Backgr

Chunky choices
Why is it that, knowing full well another bun and some extra cream on our hot chocolate are unlikely to do anything other than enlarge our outline whilst tickling our taste buds, we continually choose just those extra fattening, seemingly fascinating items to carry us through the day?
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The Thin Edge of the Wage

by Alison, on 20 March 2012, Weight Control
Its raining money

How sick do you get of reading about how thin you should be, how the latest celebrity has achieved her outline, how your favourite foods have suddenly revealed themselves to be taste bud terrorists and how really you should be living on a little light green tea and the occasional Edamame bean? (No disrespect to green tea and Edamame beans, by the way; but I like them in the context of a suitably generous and well-contoured menu.)

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What’s Really Making You Put On Weight?

by Eva Gizowska, on 14 March 2012, Weight Control

Ever feel as if all you have to do is just look at food and you put on weight?  Admittedly, there are times when the biscuit tin calls and you just can’t resist.  But, if you’re piling on the pounds and you’re really not sure why, there could be a number of factors at play.  Sometimes, the reasons for putting on weight aren’t as obvious as you might think.  But, if you can identify potential triggers, this can help you to work out the best ways to maintain a healthy weight.

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Weight Balance – not what you eat but how you eat

by Alison, on 19 January 2012, Weight Control

One of the best ways of helping to keep a healthy weight is paying attention to HOW you eat rather than just what you eat. Here are some eating tips:

  1. Always sit down to eat. Never eat on the hoof
  2. Chew each mouthful at least 20 times
  3. Don’t have a large meal in the evening. Instead, spread your food intake out over the day so that your body has a chance to use it up
  4. Keep properly hydrated – drink at least 1.5 litres of still, plain water over the course of the day to avoid reaching for sugary foods for energy when actually your body is fatigued through dehydration
  5. Drink at least 20 minutes away from food to avoid diluting your digestive enzymes, as this will mean you get less benefit from your food. Caffeinated drinks tend to add to dehydration, so keep them to a minimum.

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