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A.Vogel Swiss Trip 2016: A once in a lifetime experience!

by Annmarie, on 28 June 2016, Alfred Vogel, Herbal Remedies

When I first joined A.Vogel UK a few years ago I quickly became obsessed by the fascinating life of the man behind our brand – the founder of Bioforce, Alfred Vogel.

I would soak up every little story about him, especially from people who actually met him. I would turn to his book, The Nature Doctor for guidance and inspiration, and even today I still say good morning to the commemorative statue of him that greets you as you enter our office building.

The same statues can also be found at the entrance of Bioforce AG in Roggwil and at his former clinic in Teufen, in Switzerland. Continue reading >

Too many baths causing your eczema?

by Toni Lennox, on 28 August 2015, Bodycare, Skin care

Bathing or showering with eczema can be tricky and you may find that after a nice soak your eczema has worsened.

It is essential to incorporate a good skincare routine into your daily practice especially if you suffer from eczema, as proper skincare can help control the condition.

Read our top five tips on how to have the perfect soak for eczema prone skin…
Continue reading >

Alfred Vogel’s Love of Nature: Settling into spring in Roggwil

by Annmarie, on 7 April 2015, Herbal Remedies
Der Schaugarten in Teufen ist für die Öffentlichkeit zugänglic

When Alfred Vogel first came to the area around Roggwil, he settled in a small village called Teufen about 1,000m above sea level. It was here that he started his naturopathic clinic shortly after the Second World War.

At that time, supplies of herbs were not easy to come by – you could not simply pick the phone up, send an email or order stock through the Internet. Continue reading >

Alfred Vogel Love of Nature: Ploughing, planning & skiing

by Annmarie, on 6 January 2015, Alfred Vogel's Love of Nature
Echinacea flowers in snow.

It snows a lot in Switzerland and the start of the year usually sees our gardens under snow or frost. Not much is happening – the insects, worms and other wildlife are either sleeping or have gone away.

And so have the people – you won’t see many working the gardens this time of year. With temperatures which can fall to below -10oC, it is better to stay indoors. Continue reading >

Alfred Vogel’s Love of Nature: What do Alsatians and Herbamare have in common?

by Annmarie, on 5 December 2014, Alfred Vogel's Love of Nature
Images for Herbamare variations 2011. Herbamare Original.

Our fields in Roggwil are usually covered in snow this month and not much can be seen in the herb gardens. This is an excellent opportunity to bring you to some other fields we have a few hundred miles away.

The Alsace is situated in the Eastern part of France and lies next to both Germany and Switzerland. Over the centuries, the border with Germany has shifted numerous times and the culture of the region has many Germanic influences. Continue reading >