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Vegetarian cooking without

Recipes free from added gluten, sugar, dairy products, yeast, salt, saturated fat.

Barbara Cousins is a nutritional theapist who has been in practice for the last 14 years. This book provides recipes suitable for the control of weight, candida, chronic fatigue and allergies.

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Barbara has designed recipes which are well-balanced as well as being delicious. Ingredients such as gluten, dairy produce, sugar, yeast and saturated fat, which cause many individuals to have health problems, have been excluded and interesting new alternatives have been included to create healthy dishes, full of flavour.

The result is a way of eating that encourages the body to produce extra energy which can then be used for elimination, healing and weight control.

Her other book, Cooking without was originally written for her clients and subsequently self-published. It has achieved a phenomenal success and has helped thousands to achieve better health and a better life.

ISBN 0-7225-3897-9

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