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Bumblebees and A.Vogel

A.Vogel and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust are joining forces over the next few months to help save the bees.

Our motivation? – Bees are the unpaid workforce of A.Vogel, pollinating our herbs for us ensuring we have high quality products to bring to you. As we use no pesticides or fertilisers they are very willing workers!

97% of the UK’s flower rich grasslands have disappeared. As they do, so do bees. The value of bee pollination in human nutrition is immense and difficult to quantify. It has been estimated that bees, in general, pollinate some 90% of the world’s commercial plants.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT) was established because of serious concerns about the 'plight of the bumblebee'. In the last 80 years our bumblebee populations have crashed. Two species have become nationally extinct and several others have declined dramatically. They have four main aims

  • The prevention of the extinction of any of the UK's bumblebees
  • A long-term future for all our bumblebees and other pollinators which support the ecosystem service of pollination
  • The protection, creation and restoration of flower-rich habitats
  • An increase in the understanding and appreciation of bumblebees

Get involved

There are lots of different ways you can get involved. From just recording a bee sighting to joining the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, or just simply collecting a sticker next time you buy an A.Vogel product, why not see how you can get involved.
Find out what you can do to help

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