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About Bees

Information about bees and their lifestyle

There are around 250 species of bumblebee in the world.

There are 24  species of bumblebee in the UK. 

Six of these are cookoo species which lay eggs in other bee nests.

Bumblebees live in much smaller groups than honey bees, up to about 400 bees.

Only the queen survives over winter and this year it is thought that due to the late cold spells many queens would have died when they came out of hibernation.

The buzz of a bumble bee makes us think of summer, the loud buzzing you hear from bees on flowers is so the vibrations shake the last drop of pollen from a flower

It is rumoured that Einstein said if bees die out man will die out 4 years later. It is unlikely he did in fact say this but as Bees are thought to pollinate 90% of world crops it is really important we look after the little creatures.

Bumblebees have seen their habitat in the UK decline by 97% . Long gone are the lovely flower rich meadows we remember as children (well those of us over 40 might remember them!)

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