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Daunted by Detox?

New Beginnings

How would you like to bound into the New Year full of vim and vigour, with a glorious sense of virtue spreading a warm (and somewhat smug) glow throughout your cleansed and purified body?

If this sounds a little unlikely, not to say slightly light-headed and delusional, stick with us – we can explain.

Detoxing is often seen as an arduous and painful business, best undertaken by those accustomed to wearing hair shirts and hand-knitting their own yoghurt. Denial is involved, and possibly antisocial behaviour such as turning down invitations to partake of coffee and cake. In return your skin is supposed to acquire the texture of pearly dew, and your waistline to flatten out; but you have a horrible suspicion that your skin will become extra spotty and your belly merely hungry.

However, detox, that process by which the toxins that we have had so much fun loading into our beleaguered bodies are jettisoned once more, does not have to be either unpleasant or unrewarding. We can show you how to gently support the natural processes of your body so that the routes by which toxins should normally leave the body are functioning as efficiently as possible, whilst finding some scrumptious alternatives to the worst of the dietary offenders. You’ve nothing to lose except possibly some of your rounder contours and that feeling of lethargy that pins you to the sofa of an evening.

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