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14 Day Detox

Ali says:

It’s amazing how often water is what your body needs, rather than food. Don’t wait until you are hungry to experiment with this one: plan your water intake throughout the day so you don’t get dehydrated.

Are you getting enough?

Water, that is.

Don’t drink with meals, not even water or juice (and of course you’ll be giving your liver time off from alcohol during this detox fortnight). It dilutes your digestive enzymes and puts additional pressure on the stomach, so you’re more likely to get heartburn or reflux. 

Wait at least 20 minutes before having so much as a cup of tea after a meal. If you struggle with this then chances are you have been washing your food down with drink rather than chewing it. Chew, and notice how that peckish feeling you get an hour or so after a meal disappears.

If you are used to getting headaches, you may find this doesn’t happen once your water intake increases (and your caffeine intake gently reduces). Encourage yourself with the thought that being hydrated is also good for your blood pressure!

Did you know that being dehydrated can feel like being anxious? Next time you feel yourself getting agitated, reach for water or a soothing herb tea or coffee substitute.

Superfood for stress

Oats have been lauded as a rich source of nourishment for centuries, and our ancestors were not wrong! Oats contain impressive quantities of protein, alongside B vitamins, magnesium and calcium: all nutrients that are good for the nervous system.

They can be soothing for the digestive system and also help to lower cholesterol, as well as having a good effect on blood sugar levels. And they aren’t even expensive – get outside of some now!

Soak oatmeal overnight in water or unsweetened apple juice, with raisins, sultanas and chopped dates, then heat up gently in the morning with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, or a dash of ginger. You’ll not need any sugar – it’s a delicious and sustaining breakfast that’ll see you happily through the morning.

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