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14 Day Detox

Ali says:

Drinking more water and doing regular short bouts of exercise, as well as eating less sugar and fewer foods containing white flour should be having a positive effect on your bowel...

Helping things along

If your bowel is still a little sluggish, lie down and try a gentle abdominal massage, moving your hand in a circle clockwise around your abdomen: up the right hand side and down the left hand side. Do this quite slowly a couple of times a day, e.g. before you get up in the morning and before you go to sleep in the evening.

Check your veggie intake – could you squeeze a few more in with some stewed fruit for breakfast or a veggie soup at lunchtime?

Sometimes your bowel just needs a little encouragement to get the idea, in which case check out Linoforce.

Once your bowel is moving a couple of times a day, you’ll feel energised, lighter, and less grumpy!

Superfood for your guts

Figs are full of helpful fibre, iron and calcium. They’re also scrumptiously sweet and very filling as a snack. Try soaking them overnight in water with a little cinnamon, then heat them up gently in the morning and have them with breakfast. Filling and nutritious and very good for your bowels!

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