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14 Day Detox

Ali says:

Seeing detox as a punishing regime of lightly steamed cobwebs and a few slices of cucumber is setting yourself up for disaster. Ensure that you have plenty of healthy, appetising things to eat, including the treats we have suggested...

Top Tips as you start your Detox Adventure

Self-denial and abstinence: don’t indulge in them…

Chew them well and enjoy them – this really isn’t about suffering! You are far more likely to stick to some of these healthy habits if you don’t associate them with pain…


Cold Turkey: save it for Boxing Day…

Many things that you crave or overindulge in have some level of addictiveness about them and will cause you some grief when being abandoned. If you usually drink a great deal of coffee, tea or fizzy drinks, don’t put your body under immense stress by cutting them all out at once. The withdrawal symptoms can be quite substantial, especially from drinks containing artificial sweeteners, and there’s just no call for headaches and chills and energy slumps. Instead, use this Detox fortnight to start cutting down (introducing more water and herbal teas) with a view to keeping levels down in the future, or even cutting them out completely over a few more weeks.

Worried your Will Power might be Won’t Power?

This Detox is more about putting good things into your body (and life!) rather than focusing on what you’re leaving out. Making sure you have plenty of delicious food to hand, that you remember to drink your water and herb teas, and that you clear those few 10-minute slots to get some exercise will ensure you feel heaps better.

If you know you always grab bad lunch choices when you’re stressed or on a deadline, or stay up late because you need some time to yourself, or miss out on exercise because you’re too tired, don’t worry! Once you’ve identified the key ‘culprit’ moments, you can start finding ways around them.

  • Stressful schedule looming? Take 10 minutes at the weekend to plan your week’s meals. If you know what you’re going to be eating and have the food to hand, you’ll not be led astray by unhealthy fast food choices. Try a stress remedy to keep you calmer through the tough times.
  • Missing out on sufficient sleep? Get up earlier rather than staying up later. Your body will thank you for it, and you’ll get heaps done early on and feel virtuous all day! If you struggle to sleep, try Dormeasan
  • Feeling too saggy and baggy to exercise? 10 minutes per day is all it takes to start feeling better. Exercising early in the day is more likely to work – it’s easier to find excuses as the day goes on. Get up and get moving for 10 minutes first thing, and feel virtuous all day. Your metabolism will be set to a more efficient level with early morning exercise, so that’s another plus! If you’re really tired, try Floradix Iron Tonic.

Superfood for fatigue

Beetroot is a glorious food for boosting energy levels. A delicious source of energising iron, it also contains tiredness-combating magnesium, and B vitamins. It’s great for getting your muscles working more efficiently – get the oxygen moving with a dollop of purple loveliness in your life. Try roasting cooked beetroot with slices of carrot (20 or so minutes in an oven pre-heated to 200°C), scattered with caraway seeds and/or very thin slices of garlic if you like these things.

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