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Ali says:

Superfood for a sweet tooth – add cinnamon to your food wherever possible and have nuts and dried fruit to hand to nibble on if you really need a snack...

Getting into the swing of healthy eating, or having a few cravings for your old ways?

If you’re getting sweet longings mid morning or mid afternoon, try having more protein with your breakfast or lunch. Eggs for breakfast or healthy humus or some fish with your lunch, and you’re more likely to last through to the next meal.

Have nuts and dried fruit to hand to nibble on if you really need a snack. Use cashews, hazels, walnuts, pecans and almonds rather than peanuts (which actually aren’t nuts but legumes), and chopped dates, raisins, sultanas, unsulphured apricots, dried pineapple, mango, apple rings and papaya. They’ll hit up your taste buds and keep you full and feeling energised all day.

If you find that it’s impossible to last between meals, try Helix Slim for quelling the hunger pangs.

Also, keep chewing – it really does help.

Chromium supplements may be something to look at if the biscuit barrel and sweetie tin are really calling to you, as chromium is useful for blood sugar balance.

Superfood for a sweet tooth

Add cinnamon to your food wherever possible. Add it to stewed fruit or porridge or muesli at breakfast, and stir some into yoghurt at pudding time. You can put it into hot drinks too, and it will work its calming magic on your sugar cravings.

There has been a heap of research over the last few years, showing cinnamon to be helpful in regulating blood sugar levels, and if your blood sugar stays steady then you are less likely to veer persistently towards the chocolates and associated sugary nibbles.

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