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14 Day Detox

Ali says:

By now you’ve probably started to get some idea of what particular elements of your diet are the most problematic to avoid. Is your caffeine off the boil? Are you having chocolate dreams? Going through toasty torment or just fizzy and popping?

What’s your weakness?

Caffeine off the boil? This is a very powerful stimulant and it can be tough to abandon completely, so congratulate yourself for every cup you don’t have, weaken the ones you do, and consider the fact that anything giving you headaches when you avoid it is probably not that good for you. After all, if you don’t eat carrots for a couple of days, you don’t get aches and pains or feel unbearably irritable and grumpy! Stay well hydrated with water and caffeine-free drinks, and take it gently with the withdrawal.

Chocolate dreams? This one has both caffeine and sugar in it, so no wonder you get ansy about being separated from it for several weeks. It’s really important that you have delicious, sweet, non-sugary treats lined up instead. Have you tried Medjool dates? Little bits of heaven, they are – and it’s impossible to eat too many, as they are so filling. Nak’d bars or Creative Nature bars are excellent for filling a gap in your dietary schedule. Put in the good things and don’t leave space for the not-so-good.

If the pull gets way stronger in the week before your period, take chromium for a couple of months and see if that helps.

Toasty torment? If you’re finding it tricky to cut back on the wheat, try moving to yeast-free versions of your morning toast or lunchtime sandwich. Sourdough bread and sprouted breads are available in health stores, and corn tortillas are a light and adaptable alternative to load with scrumptious fillings for lunchtime. Think differently about lunch – have some of last night’s dinner heated up, or soup with oatcakes. Bread is quick to use, but no quicker than oatcakes! You’re very likely to find that you bloat less if you have a wheat-free lunch, and you may also find yourself less likely to hit that post-lunch slump.

Fizzing and popping? If the fizzy drinks are proving difficult to ditch, don’t be too hard on yourself – they are very addictive. This doesn’t mean you should give up your efforts though: nothing addictive is going to be good for you, not to mention the bad effect of fizzy drinks on anyone prone to bloating! Make your own natural versions by mixing carbonated water with unsweetened fruit juices. Remember to avoid drinking with meals though.

If you’re finding anything else particularly tough to tackle, let us know: we have heard it all before and we can help.

Superfood for chocolate addicts

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