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What are you letting yourself in for?

Ours is a simple programme that you can implement with ease when the parties are over, enjoying better health without too much pain or too much upheaval. We’ve done it ourselves, and survived to tell a tale of losing pounds, gaining energy, and generally achieving more of an inner glow to counter the miserable January weather.

The basic steps are:

  • Rehydration – improving your fluid balance to increase toxin removal and decrease fluid retention
  • Bowel brilliance – getting the bowel moving well enough to offload toxins and flatten that belly bulge
  • Digestive attention – absorb your nutrients better and be surprised how hungry you aren’t
  • Dietary tweaking – finding out which foods clog you up and drain your energy and which provide you with all the nutrients to have you skipping about in the spring
  • Exercising – no, don’t groan… a few tips will help you achieve surprising amounts of beneficial movement without any pain at all

Lifestyle suggestions and simple tricks to keep yourself on track will make this one of the easiest detox fortnights you’ve ever done. We wouldn’t be surprised if you kept it up a little longer, just for the fun of it!

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