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A.Vogel’s Menopause Mondays: How to relieve constipation during menopause

by Eileen, on 9 January 2017, A.Vogel's Menopause Mondays

In this week’s A.Vogel’s Menopause Mondays it’s all about constipation and how falling oestrogen can cause this common digestive problem. Plus, I recommend simple ways to help relieve constipation.

Video transcript:

Hello, and welcome to another edition of A.Vogel’s Menopause Mondays. Today, I am going to talk about constipation. Now, I know over the last year I’ve talked about digestive problems on a regular basis, and we know that falling oestrogen can actually affect our digestive system. It basically just slows everything down. And unfortunately, one of the results of this slowing down is constipation. Continue reading >