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During my menopause

During my menopause, the worst symptom I have struggled with is the itchy skin. I could cope with the flushes, which weren’t too bad, but the itching came at any time of the day and night and drove me mad. I eventually found the answer in a combination of nettle tincture, and vitamin C. I took the tincture three times a day and made sure I had plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as adding a vitamin C supplement to my diet. I drank more water because I read that it helped flush out the system. I also cut down on drinks that contained caffeine. It all worked really quickly, which was such a relief. 

Eileen comments: We are hearing from more and more women who have this symptom. It’s very important to ensure you’re having enough water, especially in the winter when central heating and warm clothes increase the amount you lose through the skin. If you’re suffering night sweats this is even worse. Caffeine can often trigger flushes and sweats, but it may also make your body produce more histamine, which makes you itchy. This is a good programme to follow and will probably help more than just the itching. 

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