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I had dreadful flushes throughout my menopause

I had dreadful flushes throughout my menopause, and only got relief when I went to a nutritional therapist and she put me on sage extract. I had some acupuncture too, which I think helped. Anyway, the flushes really died down and then at Christmas I let go of the healthier diet I’d been eating and all of a sudden the flushes were back.

I went back to the nutritional therapist and she got me back onto my healthier diet, avoiding tea and refined sugar. Within 2 weeks the flushes had died back to nearly nothing again. So all those cakes and biscuits and pastries really had been doing me harm, along with the caffeine. I know I won’t avoid these things entirely all the time, but I like knowing that I have control over the flushes in this way.

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