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I thought the menopause was going to be a tricky time

I thought the menopause was going to be a tricky time, and was quite unnerved to find that my periods had more or less disappeared without any perceptible changes to my general health. I thought that I’d have to take HRT, and it was only when I talked to Eileen that she explained it was perfectly possible to have very little trouble with the menopause – it’s wasn’t obligatory to have a bad time! 

So the only thing that really showed up was that my joints tended to ache more than usual, for which she recommended glucosamine sulphate and Devil’s Claw. This worked a treat and I haven’t had any other issues. I know this isn’t every woman’s experience, but it’s good for people to know that it can happen. 

Eileen comments: Thank you for this, which is a valuable contribution – so many women are scared of the menopause and it isn’t always the case that the process is problematic. Joint pain can be due to lowered oestrogen levels, but often it’s not necessary to do more than use the supplements mentioned or similar ones to support the joints. 

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