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  • Experiencing hot flushes day and night

    I had been experiencing frequent hot flushes throughout the day and night and was desperate for a solution as it was having a really negative impact on my life. I started to take a sage tablet each day and to my delight the flushes vanished within a ... Read the full story >
  • Milk Thistle works very well for me!

    I have sent you questions before which you helped me with – thank you. I wondered if I could I share with you something I found very helpful for peri-menopausal symptoms that other women may find helpful? Milk Thistle works very well for me in an ... Read the full story >
  • Suffering from very heavy periods

    After suffering from very heavy periods (confined to the house for two days each month), my GP gave me the contraceptive pill. I suffered nasty side effects, headaches, nausea and abdominal pains (sharp, stinging). So to cut a long story short, I ... Read the full story >
  • I stopped having my periods five years ago

    I stopped having my periods 5 years ago and felt I was able to cope without any replacement. As the years went by, I began to experience mild flushings, which again, I was able to cope with. Over the past year I have found that my symptoms have ... Read the full story >

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