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Milk Thistle works very well for me!

I have sent you questions before which you helped me with – thank you.

I wondered if I could I share with you something I found very helpful for peri-menopausal symptoms that other women may find helpful?

Milk Thistle works very well for me in an unexpected way – on my hormones!

I am a peri-menopausal woman and my hormones were badly affected. My periods varied between very light and very heavy with a gap of anything from 4 days to 2 months – different every time. I was very tired all of the time, very irritable and angry all the time, anxious about everything even simple things, had mega hot flashes and couldn’t sleep.

I tried AVogel Menosan for the hot flashes - it works brilliantly, no more hot flashes - but the other symptoms were the same.

When someone called me ‘liverish’ for being so tired and irritable I thought I ‘d try some Milk Thistle to see if that helped my liver. I use the tincture (rather than tablets) so I can vary the dose depending on how I feel, and it is like magic! Within one dose I was calmer and within a few days no longer angry and irritable, no longer so anxious, much, much more energised and my periods have returned to normal – light ish flow every 28 days or so.

I’m back to normal!

It’s only when I read more about how the Milk Thistle complex affects cholesterol and hormones that I realised that it might be helpful if other women knew about the very positive effect that Milk Thistle can have on peri-menopausal symptoms.

The on-line checking I did suggests that there are no bad effects to taking Milk Thistle long term so I’m planning on taking it until I’m all the way through menopause.

Anyway I thought that might be something that other women might like to try and I wondered if you’d come across Milk Thistle helping like this before?

Eileen comments: 

Thank you so much for letting us know about this positive outcome.

We are aware that Milk Thistle can help both with PMT and the menopause and we do often recommend it for certain symptoms.

We know that the liver has a controlling effect on hormonal balance and that if the liver is stressed (which it is for most people these days!) then that can affect hormonal balance leading to a variety of symptoms.

It is amazing how the body all works together!

You can take Milk Thistle for as long as needed, if you are taking on and off then twice a day is fine but if you are taking ongoing then once a day is usually fine.

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