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Yet another cure for arthritis

by Earle, on 18 November 2013, Muscles & Joints
Yet another cure for arthritis

We all know why they do it. We all know we’re being preyed upon. The smells of desperation and fear are irresistible to them and yet we keep coming back.

Newspapers. There’s a funny thing about the medium. It’s either yesterday’s news or they’re creating news for tomorrow. It’s never today’s news is it? So, how do they attract readers who have already seen today’s events on the television or heard it on the radio? By knowing the reader very, very well indeed. Our cares, our hopes, our concerns, our age, our politics. And our bodies.

Now, look over a random selection of newspapers and one topic that you’ll inevitably find coming up a lot in relation to our bodies is arthritis.

10 million people suffer with one or other of the 200 forms of arthritis.

I’ve just read that on a newspaper’s website. That figure wasn’t sourced but if true, that’s a lot of interested potential readers. Best to generate articles on the subject as frequently as possible then and a good source of material is research. Unfortunately, headlines containing the words ‘breakthrough’, ‘cure’ and ‘miracle’ are invariably attached to the top of articles that have the researchers using other words, such as ‘possibly’, ‘one day’ and ‘more research is needed’. I’m sure that offering hope and then whisking it away is a form of psychological manipulation that creates dependency. Ah, that’s it isn’t it?

It might not make the news, because news has to be new, but there are some wonderfully effective natural remedies for arthritis that have stood the test of time, have fewer and milder side effects than many drugs and yet are manufactured to the same standards. The THR symbol on the side of a traditional herbal medicine indicates its long-standing use, quality and traceability. Easy for us at A.Vogel, as we grow nearly everything ourselves, including our Devils Claw. However, while our Atrogel is made from the fresh Arnica flowers we grow in Switzerland, the Devils Claw in our Atrosan tablets grows better on our farm in Namibia. Why? Because it’s native to Africa, not Europe. We know it makes for a more effective remedy grown in the right place.

When the body of a newspaper article has researchers saying they need to do more research, it means they don’t know yet. Better to ask someone who does.

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  • Gloria Fengu

    I have osteoarthritis and very painful at night especially both shoulders I eat healthy most of the foods you mention and avoid all you mentioned but night time shoulders are worsen

    • Earle

      Hi Gloria. Unfortunately not all cases of painful joints improve as much as one would like through dietary changes. However, do continue to eat as you do, as neither of us know how much your healthy diet might be helping. Plus, it’s good for the rest of your body too.

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