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Tinnitus explained

Do you hear noises that are not audible to others?

Tinnitus explained


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Find out all you need to know about Tinnitus and how to combat the symptoms!

Tinnitus is the term used when noises or sounds are heard in one or both ears, or in the head, without a corresponding external source. Here at A.Vogel Talks Tinnitus, our tinnitus advisor Helen Cosgrove, provides information on the condition, its causes, symptoms and treatments, as well as the steps you can take to minimise its effects. In our Q&A service Helen also answers all your tinnitus questions, and other circulation questions.


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  • evans 's photo avatar
    evans — 27.03.2017 10:52
    hello for months now i have been having pains at my right ear which has caused me sleepless night...at times i try to take alcohol to try to cool the pain but i just get few hours 2-3 hours alcohol influenced sleep and am up with more severe pain. i had basketball injury on that ear some time back did a clean to the ear and i had some painkillers ... since then it come on and off .... i drink and smoke weed ...trying to stop


    • helen's photo avatar
      helen — 27.03.2017 13:33
      Hi Evans Have you had this checked out by your doctor recently? If not then it is a good idea just in case anything else has developed since the injury. In the meantime you could try the herb Plantago as this is traditionally used for blocked/inflamed ears, this can take a little while to work so you do need to be patient with it. Unfortunately, alcohol and any kind of smoking could make your symptoms worse so best avoided if possible!


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Did you know?

Earwax can indicate how often you are being exposed to loud noises. The substance is your body’s natural way of protecting your ears, so the more you are exposed to loud noises, the more earwax you may start to produce.

Ears ringing after a concert? It might be tinnitus

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