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Hayfever, Allergic Rhinitis or the Cold?

Find out which you have by answering our quick 10 question test.

Answers the following questions and we will try and help you work out whether you have hayfever, allergic rhinitis or the cold as well as giving you some lifestyle information and advice based on your answers. Please note information given is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of a doctor or other healthcare professional.

Which of the following do you have?
Watery, itchy or inflamed eyes No Yes
Itchy or irritated nose No Yes
Sinus congestion or sinus pain No Yes
Itchy or irritated throat No Yes
Sore throat No Yes
Headaches No Yes
Aching muscles and joints No Yes
Fever No Yes
Symptoms all year round No Yes
Symptoms worse with dust or animals No Yes


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