A gift to yourself....

This festive season, why not treat yourself to some time-out away from it all?

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13 December 2013

A gift to yourself

Well I don’t know about you but I am really having to pace myself for the festive season this year.  With all the gifts to buy, cards to write, shopping to do, food to prepare, let alone enjoying the fun of the season, it can all get a bit overwhelming!

With this in mind I gave myself a gift of time out to meet a friend and run a coaching session on ways to create a fun, magical, yet stress-free holiday.

Here’s what we came up with...

Stress relievers

  • 1 - Get organised and creative (write/mind map/collage) with a plan for everything that needs to be done and when it needs to be done by
  • 2 - Complete a task or two every day and relish the sense of achievement in ticking off the task list
  • 3 - If the pressure still builds and the panic sets in, move the focus to something enjoyable or relaxing…give your mind a break!  Trying to solve the stress with the head that caused it just leads to more stress!
  • 4 - Avoid over commitment to allow sufficient time for all that needs to be done.

Creating magic and fun

1 - Create a festive stocking for yourself. A friend and I agreed to do this this year instead of buying for each other. I love buying gifts for family and friends but what a treat it’s been to slip a few of my favourite things into the shopping basket!

2 - Take quality time out to spend with friends and family or alone for peace and reflection

3 - Deck the halls with boughs of holly….la la la la.  Wreaths for the door, table centres, hanging decorations etc. What’s more enjoyable than an early morning walk (boosting serotonin levels of course) to collect from nature’s bounty and create your own!

4 - And finally…festive food!  Why shouldn’t we indulge in a little of what we love, whether we make it or buy it?  That said, balance is good and for the over indulged and under functioning there’s always Digestisan or Milk Thistle Complex.

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