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I have been looking at cough medicines and nasal sprays. Currently I am in bed with my second flu like illness in four months. I have a constant drippy nose, headaches, sore glands and a spasmodic cough, which is far worse when lying down at night. This is a worry to me as I have a prolapse and so I need to treat the cough. I am a Reflexologist so obviously all work is cancelled for a sceond time. Feeling really low and considering trying some herbal preparations to help myself. What is your advice please?

You could try Echinaforce® as this is traditionally used for colds and flu and can be taken until you are completely better. You could also try Bronchoforce for the cough.

As you are clearly run down, consider a tonic such as BioStrath or Floradix and take plenty of vitamin C in low doses.

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