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I have had the flu, a cough and a chest infection. These where treated with Amoxil then changed to Cyprflaxin, then steroids and inhaler almost two weeks ago. I am still very tired. At the beginning of the symptoms my right thumb became swollen, I could not bend it and it was very painful. This is now a little better but today my left thumb has gone the same way. HELP

You seem to have had a particularly bad bout of viral infection.

Sometimes, viruses causing colds and flu can trigger an inflammatory response in the joints and this appears to be the case with you.

Symptoms are usually temporary and affect one or two joints.

However, occasionally, they can become more widespread. If the pain and swelling of your joints continue to trouble you, it would be best for you to see your doctor again.

To help resolution of symptoms, you may wish to use a topical pain-killing gel such as Atrogel®' Arnica Gel.

In addition, it might be worth looking at your diet too.

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