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When I was young my father used to swab my throat with a sort of iodine mixture. What is Vogel’s mixture for this procedure?

From the description you have given seems to me that your father was applying iodine tincture to your tonsils – a collection of lymph glands at the back of your mouth.

These have a tendency to swell with viral infections, especially in young children. Up until 30 years ago there was a fad for removing enlarged tonsils surgically.

This procedure is now not thought to be useful except in those with repeated and recurrent infections not responsive to antibiotics.

Anyone with a cold or flu can experience enlarged tonsils and this can lead to sore throats. The A.Vogel remedy you can use to combat this symptom is our Echinaforce® Sore throat spray – made from Echinacea as well as Sage.

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