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I had a normal cold for about a week then it got better.. About two weeks later I had another cold that lasted for about a week. Shortly after I got this horrible cold (head cold) with a high temp and pain in between the bridge of my nose (slightly in the centre above my eyes), a runny nose and feeling really really tired as if I had no muscles to move.. I'm really worried now as I've never experienced such a consecetive seasonal cold/flu before... Altogether I've been in such a terrible state for about 4 weeks on and off.. I have been to the doctor but they've just told me to take pain killers and increase vitamin C... I don't know whether I should be worried or be patient.. As I said I've never experienced anything like this before. I am 23 years old and I feel like 53. My body can't seem to fight off these viruses or at least maintain strength.. Can you help me?

The symptoms you describe are consistent with recurrent and repeated colds, but it is good that you have been to your doctor to eliminate a more serious problem.

Usually, such problems arise because your immune system has been under pressure from a variety of sources, including stress, worry or simply doing too much at work or at home.

The recommendation of vitamin C by your doctor is a good one and, you should also consider using Echinacea (if you are not already doing so) as this herb works by building up the immune system.

In the longer term, it will be good to identify what might be causing your immune system to work less well. Apart from the external factors mentioned above, you should also have a look to see if you can improve your diet. For more information, read the immune system pages on our website.

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