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I have been having hot flushes for the past 7 years. My periods stopped about 5 years ago. I wake up 5 or 6 times every night. I have tried everything possible but cannot go on HRT due to other problems. Please help.

You could try a combination of magnesium and Dormeasan Valerian Hops. As your periods stopped a while ago the hot flushes are more likely to be adrenal related rather than hormonal, so we would need to look at ways to help support this. Magnesium is a very important mineral needed for mood, muscle relaxation and stress support so I would suggest taking Salus Haus Liquid Magnesium with your evening meal and Dormeasan, which is traditionally used for sleep, before bed. You can also drink a cup or two of nettle tea a day to help cleanse the chemicals that are causing the hot flushes. It is now known that your friendly bacteria play a big part in regulation your hormones, so if you have had antibiotics in the last 10 years or so or have ongoing digestive problems then you could add in Molkosan Vitality and a probiotic to help balance the digestive system.

Eileen Durward

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