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I’m 48 and think I’m in the change. My back is constantly sore, especially when I’ve been resting. My knees ache at times and so does my right heel and left big toe! Really fed up of it now, as can’t do much bending etc! Been to the doctor’s, which was a waste of time! Do you think my aches could be related to menopause? Please help!

Yes, the menopause can cause lots of aches and pains that weren’t previously apparent, because lower levels of oestrogen make the muscles and ligaments less supple.

It’s important to stretch and do gentle exercise (e.g. walking) as much as possible – just a short 10-20 minute walk daily will help, and some very gentle stretches to stay as limber as possible.

Try Menopause Support because it contains phytoestrogens and also magnesium, which is good for muscles and ligaments. 

Eileen Durward

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