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I am 42 and have been getting a lot of stress lately. My periods are more frequent, and can be heavy. I do have sore breasts for longer, even when my period has finished. I’m tired and feel low and irritable. My mum started the menopause at 43. Do you think that I am starting mine?

It is possible, as the starting age of the menopause is often hereditary but it is best to chat to your doctor about this. They can do a simple test to see where your hormone levels are at and that will give you a better idea of what is happening. A supplement containing magnesium for the stress may be helpful, you could try Menopause Support, this can be taken, before, during and after the menopause to help with low mood, stress and fatigue. A daily cup or two of nettle tea may help with the tender breasts as well. The herb Agnus castus is traditionally used at this time to help with heavy periods although it should not be taken if you are still on hormonal contraception.

Eileen Durward

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