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I am in my menopause and just take Agnus castus. I have found my bladder to be very sensitive as well as my tongue! Is that normal and what can I do about it? I have a terrible bladder infection right now with bleeding - left it too late. Does Vogel have a remedy for bladder infection? Unfortunately I have had to go on an antibiotic this time. Cranberries did not work. I do want to prevent a recurrence in future, as this has been very unpleasant. This is my first antibiotic in 10 years. Please advise.

You could try the herb Uva ursi. This is traditionally used for bladder infections. It can also be taken low dose as a preventative over several months. Do remember to take a course of probiotics to rebalance the friendly bacteria in the gut, as you have had antibiotics. You may find a vitamin B Complex and zinc supplement helps with the tongue, and/or using herbal bitters before food. Make sure you’re drinking heaps of plain water daily to keep your urinary tract flushed through, and avoid caffeine and refined sugar until you’ve not had any infections for several months.

Eileen Durward

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