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I am only 36 years old but was informed by my consultant that my change in monthly bleeding and sore breasts could be due to 'Things changing'. Is this normal? My bloating and sore boobs start around ovulation time and my sex level has dropped. I tend to get very moody if I'm not exercising often around this time. A while ago I did wake up during the night dripping in sweat....but that hasn't happened for a about a year. I have an amazing amount of stress in my life at the moment so thought it may of been that. My mum went through the menopause at 27 but all the other ladies in our family have been ok.

A small number of women do start the menopause in their thirties and as your mother was early it is possible. However, your hormones can start to change a number of years before the actual start of the menopause. This is called the peri-menopause and can last several years. You may notice subtle changes to your monthly cycle, mood and physical well being as time goes on. However, stress can have a huge impact on your hormonal cycle and could also be the cause! The best way forward is to look after yourself well, try to minimise stress, if you can. Taking a good multivitamin and an extra magnesium supplement can help to support this. Try to avoid caffeine, high salt and sugar foods, and processed foods. Eat a good, varied diet and remember to drink plenty of water as dehydration can make symptoms worse. 

Acupuncture can be very helpful for this situation so would be worth looking into.

Eileen Durward

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