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Good morning. Its easy to blame the menopause for everything I know! I am 56 and have only had one period over the last 15 months and blood tests confirm I am menopausal. I do have a little memory problem but the biggest worry for me is how wooly headed I get. I have done the same job for 25 years yet recently I don't seem to retain new information. I can read and have things explained and its as if a fog comes into my brain and I just cannot take things in or reason anything through. Its quite worrying! Any ideas?

You could try the herb Ginkgo biloba as this is traditionally used for aiding memory and you can add in Concentration Essence when you need to concentrate extra at work, just put a few drops on the tongue when needed.  I would also take a vitamin B Complex 50mg once a day. Relaxation is very important so try to get 30 min ‘me-time’ every day especially if you are really busy!

Eileen Durward

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