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My biggest menopause problem is finding a deodorant that works. I am normally a fresh, clean-smelling person who enjoys wearing lovely perfume, but now I smell sweaty half an hour after having a bath. I can cope with the hot sweats, palpitations, broken sleep, thinning hair and everything else but not the smelling! Please have you any tips!

Keeping fresh can be really difficult in the menopause specially if you do experience a lot of flushes or sweats so it is really extra important that you don't overload your system with lots of chemicals both from foods and also what you put on your skin. Using organic or natural products can make a difference especially with deodorants/antiperspirants so using Salt of the Earth deodorants would be a good first step.

You don’t have to suffer the hot sweats – try Sage extract to counter these, and the rebalancing of your sweat-regulating mechanism may also help with the smell. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water so that you’re not getting dehydrated, which worsens any smell.
Constipation can make the problem worse; so do make sure that your bowels are working well. If you get constipated, are a bit sluggish or have had antibiotics within the last 2 years then you could try Molkosan Vitality and a probiotic for a few months. I would also suggest a month or two on Milk Thistle Complex to help the liver.

From a Naturopathic point of view, your feet are one of the major sweating areas and if they are covered up or smothered in man-made fibres and shoes then they cannot do their job, so more pressure is put on other areas of the body. Try going barefoot around the house and in the garden when the weather warms up.

Eileen Durward

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