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After suffering from hot flushes and night sweats for a lot of years, I consulted my doctor, who told me I was well into the menopause, which is what I expected. But the last few weeks the flushes have been terrible, to the point of sweat running down my face!! Then all of a sudden they have all gone - I have not had a flush or a night sweat for over a week now, which was fab, but after a year of being period free they are back!! What is going on? Is this normal?

Periods coming back after a year is common and usually nothing to worry about. It is often caused by a sudden surge in oestrogen (hence the stopping of the flushes!).

You may find that you get a couple of periods and then they stop again, or you may just have the one.

It is a good idea though to check this out with your doctor as well.

Eileen Durward

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