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I have recently been suffering from symptoms of hyperthyroidism and have halved my dose of thyroxine from 100mcg to 50mcg under supervision from my GP. I had been suffering from severe heart palpitations and rapid heart rate at rest. I have also been suffering from sleep problems, waking up after an hour then at least twice more during the early hours. I have been taking Kalms, one a night for 1 week, then increased it to 2 a night (as is advised in instruction leaflet) with a gap of a couple of hours between the two tablets. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. I have also been having a small glass of red wine to help, which it does more often than not. However, I have recently added Dormesan sleep 30 drops to the Kalms and glass of wine and last night about midnight I woke up very hot with palpitations. Is this anything to do with the Kalms, Dormesan sleep and wine concoction? Or is more likely to be my thyroid? I have had this happen one other time over the past 3 weeks. I was just surprised it happened last night as I haven't had any palpitations for 2 weeks. I'd be interested to see what you think ?

We would not recommend taking Dormeasan and Kalms together as this may result in drowsiness the next morning so I would suggest using either one or the other.

Some people do find alcohol helps but unfortunately, it can also trigger adrenal stress during the night which may explain the palpitations so it may be best to avoid this.

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