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I experienced a panic attack a number of years ago, which was quite frightening. Since then I have only experienced one further full attack, but, through controlled breathing I managed to alleviate the attack. I am now suffering with a stiff neck and upper back and throat. Could these be due to stress? There is a history of stress within my family. I work as a health and safety manager, a high level job with lots of responsibility. Your help and guidance is most welcome.

Panic attacks can be very alarming and I am pleased to hear that you have found controlled breathing can help to alleviate an attack.

It seems that stress quite often runs in families and certainly symptoms of tension in the back, neck and even throat area can be related. 

If at all in doubt it is worth checking with your healthcare provider.

You might also like to consider an exercise such as yoga or perhaps massage as both can help relieve the build up of physical tension. 

You could try taking a magnesium supplement in the evening as magnesium can calm the nervous system, promoting relaxation.

Passiflora complex is also traditionally used for easing stress and nervous tension and generally takes up to a week to feel the benefits.

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