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I have been feeling weak, tired, hands shaking, racing pulse and craving for sweet things. My face is flushed; I am coming over all hot then comes the perspiration and sweat. I am restless sometimes short tempered. What is going on?

Thank you for your message and I am sorry to hear you have been suffering with all these symptoms. 

Whilst stress and anxiety symptoms do include those you are experiencing, it is important to keep your GP informed and check for any possible underlying medical conditions. 

As I am not a medical practitioner I would always recommend your GP as a first port of call, as they can discuss your history with you and run any appropriate tests to help give you an accurate diagnosis.  

Do let me know if you have already seen your GP and if so what conclusion was reached?  

There are various recommendations we could then make if you would still like to follow a naturopathic route.

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