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I am looking for something to help reduce my stress levels. What would you suggest?

The best way to reduce stress levels is to identify the cause and take action to eliminate it or minimise it's effects. Ideally, discuss the problem with someone who can help you solve the problem.

If the stressor comes from a pressure that cannot be easily or quickly resolved you may need to look at different methods to help you reduce the symptoms, such as exploring relaxation techniques, counselling or support groups, cutting down on caffeine and foods high in sugar.  Please see our stress pages for further details.

You could also try Stress Relief Daytime, a licensed herbal remedy which offers a calming effect if you feel nervy and wound-up. It also helps to improve sleep quality and can be taken short or long term, alongside other medication, if necessary. Some people prefer to take it in juice rather than water, as the active, volatile oils, from the fresh herbs we use have a stronger taste and smell.

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