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What can I do to reduce my chances of having a panic attack?

Explore the reasons that the panic attack occurred in order to help gain an understanding of your trigger. It may be helpful to discuss the trigger with a therapist who can assist you in finding ways to minimise the anxiety caused

There are plenty of internet resources aimed at increasing awareness about panic attacks and how to treat it, as well as support groups to help sufferers feel less alone and share solutions.

Try learning a relaxation technique that appeals to you, such as controlled breathing, yoga or meditation. This can be useful when dealing with the physical symptoms induced by a panic attack.

You could also consider Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or another approach to help tackle the fearful thoughts that often precede a panic attack. I recommend Lucinda Bassett's book 'From Panic to Power.'

Our pages on 'What is a panic attack?' and 'How to stop panic attacks' may also be helpful.

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