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I sometimes feel a rising panic, which comes on for no reason. I feel like my head is going to burst and I get neck pain like a neuralgia and severe tension headaches and irritable. Is this caused by anxiety?

I am sorry to hear that you suffer with bouts of rising panic. 

It certainly sounds like your symptoms could be linked to anxiety as it can cause a myriad of physical reactions. 

However, to alleviate any concern I would recommend that you visit your GP or healthcare provider to rule out other causes.

I appreciate that you said the panic comes for no reason but it might be helpful to consider whether there are any patterns at all that link the episodes e.g. after specific foods or drinks, when facing a particular situation or around certain people? 

Understanding triggers can be so helpful when trying to tackle these symptoms and it might be useful to discuss these with a friend or practitioner who could offer support?

Do get in touch again if you have any further questions you'd like to ask and I hope you find a way to ease these symptoms soon.

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