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I am 18 and have tried a few things to try and feel less stressed. I've tried talking about it to friends and family but it doesnt help. When talking to college tutors, I am unsure of how to approach them as I do not want to let it show that I am stressed or in low mood. Do you have any suggestions on how I can talk to a college tutor about it?

If I was in your position, these are things I would ask myself:

 - What exactly is it about college that's causing me stress/low mood?
 - What are the specific issues?
 - Which tutor/s is/are involved?
 - What support do I think could help me?
 - Who exactly do I need to talk to?
 - What do I need to say?
 - What support do I need to ask for and from whom?
 - What would help me to feel comfortable asking?

You may have questions that are better suited to your situation.

Questions are a great way to get a focus on what it is that's causing us concern and what we need to do about it.

Often, when we hide our stress or low mood, the people who could help us, don't know we are suffering so we have to find a way to feel comfortable expressing ourselves and asking for what we need.

I hope this will help you find the next steps to resolving the problem.

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