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What can I do to help myself treat SAD?

There are a variety of actions you can take and please refer to our blog post for a more detailed list.

It can be helpful to go get a natural light box or go outdoors for a walk or run, especially first thing in the morning. You will naturally increase serotonin levels this way.

Also try to avoid fast, processed foods, caffeine and sugar. These can cause havoc with your blood sugar levels and adversely affect your mood as a consequence.

Try taking Hyperiforce®, a licensed traditional herbal remedy made from freshly harvested St John's Wort, used to treat mild anxiety, low mood and other similar symptoms.

If you cannot take St John's Wort you could also try Jan de Vries's Mood Essence, a combination of flower essences for feeling generally unhappy, negative, despondent and sad. Taken regularly it aims to uplift and bring back an optimistic and enthusiastic outlook.

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